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Flowers Get To The Root of your Fear and Anxiety

What is Flower Tapping you ask?

Energy Healing Flowers Isle of Man(c) was created after a series of events with clients and my own wellbeing needs.

And Flower Tapping was born out of those events and has proven to be a magical unique and successful method of getting to the root of client issues quickly so we can release or transform the thoughts and feelings to allow healing to take place.

It is my unique blend of using individual flowers to support you to release the fear and anxiety underlying the reasons that stop you from being who you want to be, in a gentle natural way.

We are part of nature and when we work with nature to heal ourselves the effects can be unbelievable. In nature we are surrounded by colours, shapes and textures and fragrances which can resonate with our subconscious, soul, inner child and even back to a past life.

Your subconscious will draw you to the flower that you need to focus on. The colour of this power flower will resonate on a higher frequency and may reflect the mental, emotional, or physical pain which you are feeling on some level

With Flower Tapping, you focus on the power flower you have selected in answer to my question while vocalising your thoughts and tapping on your meridian points, just like we do with Emotional Freedom techniques EFT

As the cognitive shifts occur, your chosen power flower may be less appealing and you select a new flower. This may be repeated a number of times before you reach your desired outcome.

The sky is the limit for the number of emotions Flower Tapping can assist you with and what was an occasional tool is now requested by some of my returning clients as a preferred method of finding their joy and peace.

To find out more and release your fear and anxiety, boost your confidence or start to live your life the way you want to get in touch and let's get to the root of your issues.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Andi Barker

Creator of Energy Healing Flowers Isle of Man

Pink Peony on Bud with green hazy background
Energy Healing Flowers Pink Peony


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