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Together at the Top

 Confidence Building for Men 

 Effective Communication and Self-Expression

Empowering you to communicate your needs confidently.

Learn practical skills, overcome self-doubt, and build assertiveness.


Whether in personal relationships, professional settings, or everyday life, discover how to express yourself authentically.

This 6-week online course is for men who want to enhance their self-confidence and communication abilities.

Ladies, I am planning to offer a similar course for you later in the year. Register your interest here to receive a bonus session with me when you sign up

Man Sitting

The Challenges 

Many men struggle with expressing their needs assertively and confidently, for example

Not really knowing what their needs are or how to express them clearly. 

Or will go with the flow and put up with something else at the expense of their needs being met? 

They are scared of saying the wrong thing and being judged or mocked. 

They fear being tongue-tied and then embarrassed when they cannot get the words out.

Not knowing how to say NO, without it coming across as aggressive, or giving in to peer pressure

They are scared of speaking their truth and hurting someone else.

They repress their emotions when they are hurt in case they appear to be too soft.

What We Will Cover 

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem:

    • Explore your self-worth and recognise your intrinsic value.

    • Address limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that hinder confidence.

    • Connecting with who you are and embracing your true thoughts and feelings.

  • Effective Communication Skills:

    • Learn techniques to support your clear and assertive communication.

    • Practise active listening, empathy, and expressing needs without aggression.

    • Learn how to say no, mean it and stick to it

  • Body Language and Confidence:

    • We will look at how body language influences perception.

    • Learn practical tips on using confident body language.

    • Communicating with confidence

  • Goal Setting and Action Plans:

    • Set specific goals related to communication and self-expression.

    • Create actionable steps to achieve these goals.

    • What is it you want to learn how to ask for it with clarity and get results?

  • Coping with Setbacks:

    • Explore resilience and a growth mindset.

    • Learn techniques to assist you in handling rejection or failure constructively.

    • Dealing with the fear of the fallout when they don’t like what you say

  • Healthy Relationships:

    • Address communication within your relationships.

    • You are scared of speaking your truth and upsetting someone

    • Learn how to create boundaries and how to negotiate them 

Happy Hour

Are You Ready To 

Have confidence and communicate with clarity


feel comfortable and in control of yourself in situations 

Have more energy, feel lighter, and unravel yourself 

Love and accept you for who you are

Move forward with a project and express your ideas with ease

Be honest with your inner needs and speak with truth 

Connect to nature and embrace the natural energies. 

Be free to be you all the time 

The start of your new future is just one click away.

What two men I have supported say

RG, England

"As a first-time user of EFT, I found it a brilliant experience and can't recommend Andi highly enough


I now have belief in myself again and fantastic coping measures that have been taught."

GB, Isle of Man 

I was at Andi's abundance workshop this Saturday, I have to say it already feels like big shifts are happening, a great experience.


I  thoroughly enjoyed the day, thanks Andi x

Why Work With Me 

When you work with me I will support you to find the freedom to love and accept yourself, to build your confidence and to celebrate who you are, without the fear of judgment, to be the unapologetic authentic you.  

I always felt like the odd one out at school and in many of my jobs, which has given me the empathy and understanding to support all the amazing people who struggle to be heard, seen and communicate their needs.

Having worked in 4 garden centres and setting up the first dual-gender Rotary Club on the Isle of Man I have been surrounded by men from all walks of life and been there for them as a friend.

With my unique hybrid, of skills I provide comprehensive services using naturally inspired energies, and evidence-based techniques to assist and support you with your  wellbeing 

I believe that when we connect with nature and our natural healing energies, we can create, nurture, grow, flourish, release, rest, and bring balance back into our lives.

As an Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner with EFT International, I will teach you gentle, effective and powerful techniques which you can use as and when you need them


The Course Details

This is a course of 6 x 90-minute weekly sessions starting on 13 June 2024 to, and including 18 July 2024

Places are limited to a maximum of 8 to allow time for each person to feel heard and supported


After signing up each member will receive 

  •  a private 1:1 60-minute session with £88 with Andi Barker to focus on an area that you are struggling with. 

  •  a welcome pack including information to support you through the course 

  •  a workbook for your notes and reference which can be used as a tool for the future. 

  • an invitation to join the exclusive private Facebook group where you will find support information tools,

  • and where we will hold regular check-ins with question and answer sessions too. 


Payment of £499 is required to reserve your place with an Early Bird Offer (see below) for those who book before 31 May 2024

Man on Computer

You will be part of a small community of men who are in a similar situation and together you will feel supported. 

Everything discussed on the course and in the group is confidential and kept within the group, so you can feel free to be honest with your feelings


You are requested to respect the feelings and confidentiality of every member of the group, and any disrespect may lead to you being removed from the course without a refund. 

You will be able to join in from the comfort and privacy of your own home, saving you travelling time and costs 

In signing up you are committing to your current and future emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing and attendance at all sessions is strongly recommended 

You will learn evidence-based techniques which you will have to hand, literally, at all times in the future to use as and when you need to So you will benefit long-term or even forever from the transformations. 


Your investment in your future health and well-being is just


If booked by 31st May 2024

The full price from 1 June 2024 is £499

payment options available 

What Happens Next ?

We will meet online each week via Zoom in a safe and supportive environment

When you sign up I will send you the links and information you will require together with a workbook for you to complete as a tool to assist you in the weeks months and years to come. 


Check your inbox in early June for all you need to attend the course. 

You will be invited to join a private Facebook group for additional support for each member during the course

I am looking forward to supporting you to build your confidence and live the life you deserve. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me 

Best Friends

Taking the first step is the biggest,
then you can say goodbye to  the old you 

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