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Family Picnic

Naming, Adoption and
Gender Reassignment Ceremonies 

Holding a Naming Ceremony provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and welcome a new life into your family, be it a birth or adoption. It can also be a time to celebrate when you have chosen to change your name by deed poll, gender reassignment, or divorce 

As a Naming Ceremony Celebrant, I will assist you in creating a quirky, unique ceremony tailored to your style and preferences whatever that may be. 


I can guide you on a range of indoor and outdoor venues, and ceremonial elements making your special day one to remember.

As each ceremony will vary, I will be able to give you a quote once I know your requirements.


As a guide, Naming Ceremonies are from £200 

Couple with Daughter

A Breathe of New Life 

I understand the importance of celebrating a new life or a new beginning, whether it be through a new baby, a birth, or an adoption.


I will focus on providing a unique and meaningful experience to create welcome new energy and new beginnings into your life. and will strive to make sure that your event is special and memorable.

Re-Naming and Gender Reassignment 

As a compassionate and intuitive Celebrant, I understand the importance of this process in your journey and of the LGBTQIA+ community. I celebrate your courage and bravery to choose to rename and re-assign your gender.


I am here to listen and learn more about you, to create a ceremony for you to share with your family and friends, to honour and witness this meaningful journey and help you celebrate the true you. Because you deserve it. 

Stonewall Celebration
Family Portrait

Blending Families 

Blending Families can be difficult for all parties, so holding a family naming ceremony can assist your families to feel more connected and part of a whole rather than separate, or isolated. 


I will create a unique and personalised ceremony to make sure your new family is welcomed and celebrated in the most meaningful way.


As part of the process, I can support you in choosing the most appropriate name for your new family and assist you in creating a special ceremony to mark the occasion.

 "What's in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

William Shakespeare 

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