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Grief, Loss, and Bereavement support for you when you need it most 

Bereaved. What Can You Do Now? 

Grief and loss no matter how expected can still come as a shock and will have an impact on you in the short and long term.


You are numb and not sure how you are feeling, You just know there is a hole in your life that cannot be filled.


You will have life decisions to make and even everyday things like shopping and housework can become an ordeal.


You don't know where to turn and don't want to bother your friends in case they judge you, for not coping well, and for just wanting to hide from the world.


You are scared of going out in case you see someone you know and they just want to bring up the past. You are not ready for that.


You need time to grieve, to process what has happened, to feel the guilt, and allow yourself to just do what feels right for you, whatever that is.

Memorial Candle

Feeling Alone and Lost ? 

It is ok, to feel like you do

​It's ok for you to just want to curl up and hide away, just as much as it is ok for you to move into organiser mode and plan the ceremony, the celebration, and the rest of your life.


You are as unique as your fingerprint, and how you grieve your loss, and process is your way of coming to terms with your loss.


​We can become overwhelmed with all the questions whirling around in our heads.

People tell you it's time to stop crying and get on with your life, but you are not ready.

Only you can find your way through the fog, one step at a time. ​

Some days those steps go backward, and some days, you may take 2 steps forwards ​


There is no timescale, there is no right and wrong way to feel.


​Finding someone whom you can confide in, someone you can trust, someone who is not going to judge you, someone to just walk beside you, to listen, and to be there can be the turning point for you to find your new direction in life.


​Let that someone be me.


​If you are unsure if this is for you, click here to book a Free Discovery Call with no obligation.  

I Am Here To Support You

Each day I am blessed to have the honour of supporting assisting and guiding people just like you to get through the day.


My experience and knowledge have come from my own personal losses along the way together with my training as follows 

7 years ago I, trained with Cruse Bereavement Care as a Bereavement Support  Volunteer Officer, and I worked with a number of clients each week.

I have recently completed intensive training as a Funeral Celebrant with the Academy of Modern Celebrancy and working alongside Funeral Directors, venues, and as an independent Celebrant with families to create a service or celebration of life to reflect their loved one's journey. 

Some of my wellbeing clients have also chosen me to support them with their grief, and loss, and dealing with their family and friends' expectations.


Through each of these areas, I have gained great insight into how the loss of a loved one impacts us on a daily and lifelong basis. 

Andi Barker demonstrating EFT by tapping on the side of the hand acupoint

   A package of 6 x 60-minute appointments at a time and date to suit you.  


Payment plan available 

Friends in Nature

Are You Ready To 

Feel supported and listened to have clarity, focus, and control.

Have more energy and feel lighter and unravel yourself 

Love and accept you for who you are

Move forward one step at a time 

Be free to  grieve for as long as you need

Connect to nature and embrace natural energies. 

Be free to be you all the time 

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