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Energy Healing Flowers 

Unique & Exclusive to Andi Barker

Energy Healing Flowers 
Many Colours, Many Emotions 

What is your favourite colour, how does it make you feel?


Do you feel drawn to some colours more than others?

Do colours affect your mood, or your feelings around a situation?

Have your noticed how everyday items such as signs and packaging can attract you to purchase or act ?

Do you know why?

Find out below, how you too can improve your health& wellbeing and benefit from my unique and bespoke modality 

Energy Healing Flowers
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Energy Healing Flowers

I created the Energy Healing Flowers modality which brings together my passion for nature my knowledge of horticulture and my purpose to improve the wellbeing of each client 

Use the non-invasive and unique Energy Healing Flowers to bypass your ego and tune into your subconscious gently with 

Emotional Release with Flower Tapping

Tapping Free Healing 

Energy Flower Readings 1:1 & Groups 

Garden & Corporate Events 

Andi Barker with Energy Healing Flowers
Pink rose

We are all made up of energy and part of nature on our beautiful planet. Colours are also part of nature.​How boring would the world be if everything was black and white.​Colour resonates with our subconscious on many levels and is deep rooted in our culture and understanding.​E.g., many see red as danger, white as pure and black as mysterious.​Textures and shapes also resonate with your subconscious. Something soft and fluffy is more welcoming than a hard-pointed spike.

Join me in my group for chats, live flower readings, demonstrations and more  

orange gerbera and yellow narcissi

What is
Energy Healing Flowers?

As a natural health & wellbeing practitioner and horticulturalist, I have blended my two passions to create a modality called Energy Healing Flowers

It combines Flower Psychometry with floriography, intuition, spirituality, and years of horticultural knowledge and experience.

..and for you

The Energy Healing Flowers method compliments other modalities I practise including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Reiki.

Different methods I use include 

  • Energy Healing Flowers & EFT

  • Tapping Free Emotional Release

  • Energy Healing Flower Tapping 

  • Supports Reiki Energy Healing 

  • Private Energy Flower Readings 

  • Flower Reading Parties & groups

Andi Barker and Energy Healing Flowers

Join my happy users!

Amazing and gentle insight into a question or situation you would like a little help with.


Andi gave a detailed reading which I enjoyed.

It has enabled me to identify and work on a number of issues. well worth it SB, IOM

Andi is so kind, empathetic and intuitive - her flower readings are gentle, compassionate and most incredibly extremely accurate so much so they are spot on! 


Cherry blossom

Did You Know?

Ancient civilisations including the Vedas and Chinese have used nature as part of their healing for thousands of years In fact some of the most effective medicines are made up with plant elements.  Along with live flowers and plants I use a collection of over 40 beautifully coloured and textured silk flowers

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all "
Walt Disney 

Andi Barker with flowers

Book A Reading Today 

Admit it.

You are a little bit curious about how I have supported and guided many clients from a one off reading to a full life changing transformation using Energy Healing Flowers.


Until you try, you are not going to know.

Click on the button to pick your flower reading at a time to suit you. 

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