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Andi Barker
About Me 

Hello, my lovelies. I am Andi, a born nature lover, earth angel, intuitive, empath, and sensitive.


I love spending time outside, walking on the beautiful Isle of Man with a sneaky treat or picnic. 

I always felt like the odd one out at school and in many of my jobs, which has given me the empathy and understanding to support all the amazing beautiful souls who feel like they don't fit in.

What lights me up? -

Cake, colours, flowers, animals, cake, and seeing other people light up as they celebrate who they are. Did I say cake? 

Why Work With Me 

To find the freedom to love and accept yourself and celebrate who you really are, without the fear of judgment, to be the unapologetic authentic you.  

Whether you are planning a ceremony for yourself or a loved one and want it to be personal and memorable for years to come.  

Or you are struggling with your relationship with yourself, which is giving you anxiety and impacting your confidence. 


I have now brought my two passions together in a unique hybrid, providing a comprehensive set of services using naturally based energies, and evidence-based techniques to assist and support you with your Celebrant-led ceremony and wellbeing 

I believe that when we connect with nature and our own natural healing energies, we can create, nurture, grow, flourish, release, rest, and bring balance back into our lives.

Qualifying Bodies and Memberships 

It is important to me to be qualified in the modalities I practice and maintain my insurance and professional membership through CPD and supervision  

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