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Andi Barker
About Me 

Hi I am Andi, a born nature lover, earth angel, intuitive, empath, sensitive and emotional health and wellbeing gardener. 

From a young age, I was always in nature and on our garden centre helping others. 

After spending years training and working in my first passion, horticulture and then finance, I finally found my calling in assisting others to have a better life through natural therapeutic tools and techniques.

Each of which have assisted me, to turn my life around, and transform my beliefs, so I can align with my soul purpose and live life to the full 

Why Work With Me 

I have now brought my two passions together in a unique hybrid, providing a comprehensive set of services using naturally based energies, techniques and tools to assist, support and guide you through your health and wellbeing 


I believe when we connect with nature and our own natural healing energies with us we can create, nurture grow, flourish, release, rest and bring balance back into our life.

Find out more by clicking any of the tabs at the top of the page. 

sunflowers held in a hand

The tools and techniques I have trained in and been attuned to include 


Usui Reiki Master & Kundalini Reiki Master 

Matrix Reimprinting (inc Past Life, Ancestral  & Colour)

Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

and my own modality, Energy Healing Flowers IOM.

No matter what your condition or situation, by getting to the roots of your underlying beliefs, whether it is learned, ancestral or past life, we can transform or release them naturally.

You can then deal with the your goals much more easily.

Nurture You fingers pouring water onto seedlings
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