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Growing Your Own Confidence

Growing up I had no confidence at all.

I was happy in my own little world playing in the greenhouses. But without the opportunity to play out after school and in the holidays with my class mates, I was not learning how to relate to others my age and became distanced from them.

This resulted in me being bullied at school for all sorts of reasons, none of which were my fault.

I did not have the social skills and understanding of what was happening and any confidence I built up in my little world was gone.

Our formative years are when we create beliefs which become fixed in our mind and are what we base our decisions on through life.

These are known as underlying beliefs.

These beliefs may not be actually true, but they are now fixed in our subconscious, and so, as you can imagine, you could be basing all your life’s decisions on beliefs which are not actually true.

Are you still with me?

So, if like me you were bullied, or abused as a child, you will have created your own underlying beliefs about your parents, family, friends, pets and anything else.

And this is where your fears anxieties and lack of confidence will have come from.

Your lack of confidence can result in you feeling;

  • overwhelmed by what you have to do, and

  • don't know what to do or how to do it.

  • scared or fearful of getting it wrong or

  • looking stupid in front of everyone.

  • less than perfect, and

  • not liking how you look, sound or feel.

So you get more scared, embarrassed, all hot and bothered, wanting to run and hide, but you can't.

Just stop for a moment and try to imagine what it might be like if you had more confidence than you do now?

Would your life be easier?

Would you be more successful?

Would you be able to cope with situations in a more controlled way

Would you be happier?

What would it feel like to just get on with a task without worrying about getting it wrong?

All this is possible and achievable without any pills or potions, without any needles or special equipment. All you need is you and your hands.

Let’s have a chat, and you can discover how I can support you to transform those niggling thoughts and feelings that are stealing your confidence joy and success.

No long-winded stories, lets just get to the roots of where all this comes from, your underlying beliefs. then together we can transform those beliefs in a gentle powerful and nurturing way allowing you

  • to start to grow your confidence.

  • be more resilient in the storms that may lie ahead

  • and have the tools at your fingertips, literally,

to succeed, flourish and bloom naturally giving you a happier, more joyful life.

If you had told the 10 year old Andrea that in a few years’ time, she would be talking to a room of 100’s of people, giving presentations and making videos to be broadcast worldwide, she would have run and hidden down some rabbit hole.

No longer do I need to down a few pints of cider or bottles of wine to give me the courage, I have the confidence in myself to just do it. And you can too. What you waiting for?

Andi Barker

Natural Health & Wellbeing Practitioner


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