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Happy Bride

About The Dress? 

Buying your Wedding Dress should be an enjoyable experience that you have dreamt about since you were a little girl, but sadly, this is rarely how it pans out. 


You have tried on many dresses but struggle to find the one to say YES to. 

Maybe, your budget is limited, but, you want everything perfect and make it a memorable day. 

It is so overwhelming with so many choices and decisions to make 

Wedding Dress Shopping
Wedding Dress Fitting

Your mum has dreamed of you as a princess, but you want to be a mermaid, and the rest of your entourage disagrees.


Not to mention, you want to make your partner cry.

Or maybe, you don’t want to be the centre of attention, with everyone looking at you because of your shape and size.


You avoid looking in the mirror, so you don't see what you really look like.

Along with the dress, there are so many more arrangements to make. The venue, the ceremony, the seating plan, the decorations the list goes on. 

And, all this can cause you to stress even more,

  • feeling the fear of being judged, 

  • feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make,

  • anxiety over being let down by suppliers, and

  • drowning under lists of lists.   

But this need not be the case. Planning your Wedding Ceremony should be a joyful experience for you both, so let me support you through this. 


I can assist you, in releasing some of these feelings and teach you some gentle and easy techniques you can take away with you and use anytime anywhere to support you through the next few weeks and for as long as you need them.  

The Benefits for You 

You will be listened to without judgment and heard 

We will go at a pace to suit you, to allow your energies to process the changes  So you will benefit long-term or even forever from the transformations. 

Using evidence-based techniques and tools, I will guide you to

  • get to the root of why you are like this

  • identify what needs to be released and let it go

  • transform your old beliefs to align with your truth

  • and support you as you grow stronger and more confident,

  • in a gentle, compassionate, and nurturing way

Andi Barker raising arms up to the sky and looking up wearing a floral crown

Your investment in your future health and wellbeing is just

£222 for 3 x 60 minutes or £399 for 6 x 60 minute

 Book your first session here and I will contact you to

book the remaining sessions. 

Are You Ready To 

Feel connected with your future organised self

Have clarity, focus, and be in control.

Have confidence in decision-making and

Feel strong enough to say no to what you don't want 

Have more energy, feel lighter, and unravel yourself 

Love and accept you, for who you are

Move forward with your planning with ease

Be free to be you all the time 

The start of your new future is just one click away.


Outdoor Wedding Altar

Bridal Offer

Book your Wedding Ceremony and 

Stressed About The Dress Package 

and SAVE.

Ask me for details 

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