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Shoulder Pain can be a result of ancestral trauma

Stiffness in your shoulders can be a pain in the neck and it can feel worse when you are busy focusing on the mountain of work you have to do?

You might be blaming a draught in the office, or poor posture when really it is much deeper than that.

Yes, closing the window or improving your posture may help on the surface level, but the niggly pain is still there, ready to grip you just when you have a deadline to meet.

Your shoulder pain can be a result of ancestral trauma. Let me guide you to where it might be coming from.

A dark haired woman in a sports top, with a lawn in the background, holding her left shoulder with her left hand and looking in pain With the heading Shoulder Pain,  at the bottom of the picture is  logo
Shoulder Pain


You feel:

·      weighed down by responsibility, but you continue to take on more work.


·      it is your duty to care or provide support for others with the condition that if you do so you will receive love acknowledgment or respect.


·      happier helping others, than trusting them to help you.


·      the more you do the more you think you will be valued, admired, respected by another person.


·      deep down you know you are sabotaging any change of success and joy in your life by not having boundaries in place, or knowing when to say no to others, so that you can focus on what you need to do instead.

·      people can take advantage of your kind and giving nature, which can lead to you feeling resentful, but you feel unable to voice or express your feelings of being used or cheated.


·      and, if you did express your disappointment, or said no to them, you may feel rejected attacked or isolated, as they ghost you, for withdrawing your services and support which they were abusing.


Growing up

You learnt you had to accept what you were given, be it food, household chores or responsibilities.

There was no chance of arguing against the people in authority as that would lead to further trauma.

You felt and still feel you need permission from an influential person, or authority figure such as a parent or teacher for you to be successful.


It might not be your fault

All these emotional burdens you allow yourself to carry, are resulting in your shoulder pain and will continue until you find the underlying trauma from your childhood, ancestors, or past life, which is triggering you and at the centre of every decision you make.


It could be that your ancestors struggled through a famine or there was a lack of water and food, or the effects of war lead them to feel unsafe and unsupported.

Their beliefs have been passed down along with many others good and not so good beliefs, which are having an impact on your daily life and will be passed down to your children and grandchildren if they are not dealt with by you.


They are not alone

And along with your aching shoulders, you may have other physical symptoms such as sore throats, thyroid and eating disorders.

Personally, I have seen how someone who is angry at the way they have allowed themselves to be treated has now developed chronic arthritis in his left shoulder, highlighting his mother constantly tormenting him through his childhood and into adulthood.

Andi Barker Advanced EFT Practitioner tapping the "side of the hand " tapping point
Andi Barker EFT Practitioner tapping the "side of the hand " tapping point

Take action for yourself.

Now you have read the above statements from the top and think back and to a recent event that resonates with one or more of these statements.

Is this a one off or a recurring pattern through your life, just in a different situation or with different people?

How often do we dismiss something, when if we faced it and dealt with it how our lives would be different, possibly healthier, more successful, and joyful?


One step at a time

Taking that first step to reach out for support and guidance through each stage, by a qualified and experienced Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner such as Andi Barker, to identify your triggers and release them, transform your beliefs, and create new boundaries which will teach people how to treat you.

As we work through each stage, you may find other painful memories start to ease and collapse, your energies change, your health improves and there is the amazing ripple effect too. This is where those closest to you will unconsciously change their energies to match yours and then it will ripple out to your wider family and friends and their family and friends too.


Womn and man holding the hands of a child as he leaps in the air set by a lake with hills in the background.
Heal you and heal your family

Just imagine the impact you could have.

Do you really want to see your children and grandchildren go through everything you are going through? If not, then it is time to invest in your health and wellbeing now. Reach out and if I do not resonate with you then I can support you to find a qualified and experienced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, wherever you are in the world.

Thank you for reading and I wish you good health and a peaceful life.

Andi Barker

EFTi Advanced EFT Practitioner

EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner










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