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Putting Others Needs First

Growing up, I was told what to do or had to ask what needed doing.

Always doing things for others first🙋‍♀️ became second nature to me.

Later in life, I realised I was so depressed 🤒because my needs were not being met.

Then I learnt, I was allowing it🥵 to happen to me.

So it was my fault, I felt like this. 🤒

I spiralled further down the 😡deep dark well of depression.

But I did not know what to do. It was all I knew.😠

It led me into various narcissistic relationships with friends, family and boyfriends. 😓

It's only over the last few years, and with the benefit of my🙏 training, the💡 lightbulb moments have flickered and shone a light on my beliefs, 🤔which were created in early childhood.

Don't get me wrong it is good to help others but to take care of my needs too. 🦋

What beliefs are robbing you 🤔 of your joy, peace and harmonious relationships?

Join us on Tuesday at 7.30pm and you might just identify those beliefs. 🙂

Then you can transform them and get back to who you really are. 🥰

What have you got to lose? ✔

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