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He was a real Pain in the Bum!

I would like to share a recent experience with you.

I had a beautiful session as a client with another EFT / Matrix practitioner. online.

We worked on this pain i have in my coccyx, which makes sitting for long periods uncomfortable.

I think it comes from when i slipped on uneven ground in my parent’s garden last summer. However, we know that all pain has an emotional connection, and that area relates to family, survival and money. All of which link perfectly with what my issues were that came up.

And guess what, she said that made me laughed. This person who makes me feel the pain, is a pain in the bum, literally!!

I just love how our body shows us what we need to work on and how our emotions and bodies of connected in such an intrinsic way.

So next time you have a pain in your coccyx area, just have a think who is a pain in the bum, that is stopping you from moving forward for example.

So, my next step was to go into the Matrix back to the time I fell and release the emotions trapped in my body at that time and so release what is causing the pain now.

That was a few weeks ago now, and i can honestly say i can sit for a couple of hours if needed without the chronic heavy sharp pains i was feeling.

And for that pain in the bum, well he is actually a lot kinder too me now.

So a win win all round.

Maybe it is time you released what is holding you back?

What is stopping you?

See you soon



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