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Find your value and feel worthy again

One thing I have come to realise is how important it is to value who I am, for me.

I was focusing on my value to my family friends and clients and ignoring being of value to me.

As I have said before a broken cup cannot hold any tea, and it was not until the cracks gave way with lack of the emotional support which I needed, that I noticed what was going on.

Taking on more and more, giving my all-in work, volunteering, and family support without a second thought for me.

This was a wakeup call, that had to slap me in the face with a wet fish before I would take notice.

In todays’, on demand, fast, instant results society, which we were not born to deal with, we can feel under pressure to be super human, to be everything to everyone.

We are conditioned to be perfect in every way, to live up to what we think others will expect of us, when they don’t.

Why do we put ourselves under pressure?

Why do we try and live up to what the media tells us we should be do and have?

What about you? Yes you. Not as a parent, spouse, or friend but you.

What is it you really want, in your heart of hearts?

When you value who you are and what you really want your life will change for the better. It has for me.

I am embracing the planetary/astronomical activity and the new moon energies approaching over the weekend to take me on this new journey to become more expansive and connected.

When I look back at the negative patterns I had, the limiting beliefs which I identified were not mine, (and I have given back them to my ancestors) and the positive impact that has had on my family, I am so blessed to have received support from the global tapping community and good friends to keep me grounded.

Some days I wonder why I bothered with this journey of discovery, health and healing, and then, I remember, the old me hiding under a heavy comfort blanket and what I was putting up with.

I would not go back there for £100m.

I value and celebrate who I am now, and I am free of the impact of any narcissists, sociopaths, bullies, control freaks, gaslighters that I was allowing into my life everyday.

My family have also benefitted from the changes too. Even when the changes are so subtle and unfurl over time that they may not notice immediately.

Valuing who we are, celebrating what we do is so important.

Watch out for some exciting news coming soon.

In the meantime, come and see me and clear your limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and transform your life for the better.

Here is the link to my Wellbeing Services page for you to select what resonates with you, and if you are unsure, book your free Discovery Call with me.

Enjoy your day, smile at the world, and feel your heart open.

Love and light to you all.

Andi Barker

The Wellbeing Gardener IOM


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