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Stressed About Your Wedding Dress?

Sad Bride sat down wearing a white wedding dress
Stressed About The Dress

You look fat You look like a toilet roll cover You look like a pregnant sausage You are not wearing that!

Need I go on?

These are just some of the comments, from the brides' entourages.

Your Wedding Dress is something you might have dreamed about since you were a little girl.

You have tried on many dresses but you struggle to find the one to say YES to.

Your mum has dreams of you as a princess, but you want to be a mermaid, and the rest of your entourage disagrees.

Not to mention, you want to make your partner cry. Or maybe, you don’t want to be the centre of attention, with everyone looking at you because of your shape and size.

You avoid looking in the mirror so you don't see who you are. Your budget is limited, but, you want everything perfect and make it a memorable day.

It is overwhelming with so many choices and decisions, right?

It is so easy to let other people's opinions, beliefs, and comments sway us in a direction that does not really align with what we really want, leaving us feeling disappointed with ourselves.

It can taint the memories of what should be one of the most memorable joyous days of our life.

So why do we do it?

Why do we put their happiness before our own?

I have been there soooo many times and, now I know what to do, how to make my own decisions and stick to them.

I have worked with 100's of clients over the last 10+ years to identify and release their anxieties and stresses which were holding them back from enjoying life the way they deserve.

Let me support you in preparing for the successful outcome you deserve with my basket of evidence-based techniques including Emotional Freedom Techniques, and nature-inspired tools too.

So stop giving in.

Take back control and celebrate your life your way. Your future self will thank you.

Let's do this now and save you months of sleepless nights, anxiety, and stress.

Enjoy your wedding preparations and relax into your day knowing you are celebrating your way

Full details of this and other 3-hour and 6-hour Wellbeing packages can be found at


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