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What's Your Heart's Desire Number

The number we are born with influence our character, behaviours strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding their meanings, we can see how they control our negative energy and how they affirm and reinforce our positive energy.

Using crystals, flowers and colours with the numbers can enhance their impact and we can use them to meditate on for a deeper understanding.

I am so in my element working with each of these tools in conjunction with EFT and Matrix, to support you through your difficult situations.

Curious? Get in touch for more information.

Your Hearts Desire Number also known as your Soul Number, describes your inner self what you do not expose to others and prefer to keep it private.

It also shows you the greatest motivations and qualities you truly want in a partner, what your heart deires on a higher level.

This number also shows you, what is most dear to your heart, that you may not be consciously aware, such as inner cravings your likes and dislikes.

To calculate you need to use the vowels from your full birth name and reduce to a single digit or master number.

Join me on Thursday to calculate your Heart’s Desire number and discover its meaning.

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