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What Love Life ?

At this time of year the shos seem to fill with an abundance of red roses fluffy bunnies and heart shaped chocolates. But when you are single or in a difficult relationship it can be hard seeing all this Valentines Day merchandise.

Do you start to question your own love life. What am i doing wrong, why me, what can i do to change it? There can be many underlying beliefs you have created in your earlier years which have led you to where you are now.

Would you ike to discover what they are and look at releasing the pain and transforming your beliefs for good?

So if you cant beat them, join them and treat yourself to a Valentine Flower Reading. After all you deserve to treat yourself don't you.

Who is my soulmate? Am I meant to be on my own? Why cant I find love? Why does nobody love me? Does he/she still love me?

Just some of the questions I get asked

What is it you would like answers to?

Treat yourself to a unique and exclusive Energy Healing Flower reading by Andi Barker, Creator of Energy Healing Flowers.

Only £15.00 each

Treat yourself or the one you love.

I will tune into your energy and select the flower for you and then send you a live message to your inbox within 3 working days.

Or you can book a full flower reading on zoom and select the flowers of your choice, and learn a lot more about yourself, here for £39


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