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Untruths, Lies and Deceit

Gaslighters and Narcissists,

freely tell untruths about you to your friends and family and can be convincing.

❌They distance you from them.

❌They make themselves the go between

❌They pass on distorted messages both ways, some having no source.

If these so called friends and family do not seek to communicate with you directly.

😡And just believe what they are being 'told'

😡And they turn against you

😡And they stop getting in touch

😡And birthday and Christmas cards stop.

😡Are they really worth your friendship, time and love?


Break The Chain of lies and abuse✔

Break The Chain of trauma bonds✔

Break The Chain of dependency on the Gaslighter or Narcissist✔

Break The Chain of continuous mental Olympics. ✔

✔Find Your Truth

✔Find Your Freedom

✔Find Your Identity

✔Find Your Self-worth

✔Grow Your Self-esteem & Confidence

✔Strengthen Your Resilience

✔Create Your Own New Support Team

✔Reconnect with Your True Friends & Family

And one day soon you can

Flourish and Bloom 🌹


Let today be the day

you put you first and

take the first step to get back to the real you. 🥰

You deserve it. 👇


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