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Untruths, Lies and Deceit

Gaslighters and Narcissists,

freely tell untruths about you to your friends and family and can be convincing.

They distance you from them.

They make themselves the go between

They pass on distorted messages both ways, some having no source.

If these so called friends and family do not seek to communicate with you directly.

😡And just believe what they are being 'told'

😡And they turn against you

😡And they stop getting in touch

😡And birthday and Christmas cards stop.

😡Are they really worth your friendship, time and love?


Break The Chain of lies and abuse✔

Break The Chain of trauma bonds✔

Break The Chain of dependency on the Gaslighter or Narcissist✔

Break The Chain of continuous mental Olympics. ✔

✔Find Your Truth

✔Find Your Freedom

✔Find Your Identity

✔Find Your Self-worth

✔Grow Your Self-esteem & Confidence

✔Strengthen Your Resilience

✔Create Your Own New Support Team

✔Reconnect with Your True Friends & Family

And one day soon you can

Flourish and Bloom 🌹


Let today be the day

you put you first and

take the first step to get back to the real you. 🥰

You deserve it. 👇

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