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Throwback Thursday - Pulling the Rose Bush out in December 2019

Reading this again has reminded me how far I have come since then and that there is no time like th epresent to take the first step.

Ooh I think you might need a cup of tea for this one

As we approach the final few days of the year, like you, I have reviewing 2019 and by eck petal, it’s been on heck of a transformational year for me

Just thinking how far I have come from this time last year which is further than I dared to dream of. Scary but rewarding and loving it!!

The transformations in have achieved in my own personal and business life including strengthening my values, family relationships, finding and living as my true authentic self. Not to mention those past life discoveries.

As I write this, so many memories are coming up of the fun and friendship, the knowledge and learning the strength and support I have gained from walking alongside clients and guiding them through their own storms to calmer seas and watching them transform, grow and succeed.

What I have released and what I have achieved and embraced. When we release something, it can be like pulling a rose thorn out of your finger.

One of my biggest releases was in March when the whole rose bush was pulled out in a mammoth 3-hour Matrix and EFT session. Thank you Jane This allowed me to start living my truth and being and doing what i wanted to do

I could not have done all this alone. Although I can and do work on myself, being supported, and guided by another practitioner who is objective and holds the space is worth its weight in gold.

Are you still with me?

I have met and worked with some incredible therapists, advisers, practitioners and teachers who have all made a difference in my life and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Included too are all those I met and learnt from at the Transformation Conference way back last January.

To name a few of you are Kate M, Sheelagh S, Jane N, Alison G, Kerry D, Dot S, Kat M, Ali O, Helen T, Stacey DW, Samantha S, Denise R, Andrene A, Karen H, Caroline E, Mira M, Sushma, Shasha,B, Paula K, Izabela, Val, Jenny C, Lesley D, Natalie J, Cheryl W, Sue B, Helen M, Janet B, Katya D, Jude M and my soul sisters Zoe, Lynne, Ellen, Lola & Marie, I am sure i have missed some one you but you know you are in my heart.

Ooh it is getting bit gushy now so all I will say is that my intention for 2020 is to continue to make the world a better place for each of us holistically (emotionally mentally, physically, financially and spiritually).

Like dropping a pebble in a pool, by taking even one step towards improving your wellbeing, you are raising the vibration and wellbeing of everyone.

If this has resonated with you then its time for you to take your next step. Come and have a chat and discover how gentle yet powerful these technique are to support you every day at

Andi Barker, The Wellbeing Gardener IOM


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