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My Personal Story

My personal story behind offering

🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Seasons of Change Membership 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

In 2014 an astrologer 😃 read my natal and current charts.

At the time I was running my gardening business🧚‍♀️ and training in advanced EFT.

One thing, I remember him saying was

' You are going to offer something on the global stage, which will have a life changing impact to those who sign up.

It will seem ahead of its time even though you will be using some ancient methods and knowledge."

When I stopped to think🤔 about this I was overwhelmed.

I had only just joined fb, with no idea that I would be using it as a global stage in the coming years. 🧚‍♀️

How was me posting pretty pictures of gardens🌹 I was working in, going to impact people globally?

But the seed🌱 had been sown.

Fast forward 5 years and I had created 🌻 Energy 🌷Healing🌼 Flowers modality

and was encouraged to write a course to teach others how to use it.

But, life happened and I needed to spend much time on me. 😵

On a very low day, I just sat on my grass and played with daisies🌼 and buttercups.

I watched birds, bees🐝, butterflies 🦋and insects 🐞going about their business.

I watched the sun 🌞go down and the moon rise.

No idea how much time passed.

I felt at home here, surrounded by all the colours🌈 sights and 🐦sounds of Mother Nature.

My inner child felt content and free.🧚

No judgement ✔ No gossip✔ No politics✔ No social media✔ No restrictions ✔ No demands✔ No deadlines✔ No controls✔ No negativity✔

Before I knew it, I was reconnecting with nature, and nurturing me 🌿back to full health one day at a time. 🥰

Plus, invaluable weekly support 🤗 from my tapping partners.

I can, and do use EFT on myself, but not as objectively as I can with them.

Now, I feel so blessed 🙏to realise how deep my connection is with nature🌷 and the gifts to facilitate healing 🙌 for myself and for you too. 🙏

🌷Enjoy each day 🌷Deal with each task as it arises 🌷Achieve goals 🌷Put me first 🌷Say no with ease 🌷More time for me 🌷More confident 🌷Strong Self Care 🌷Stronger boundaries 🌷Love who I am 🌷Abundant life 🌷Healthier relationships 🌷Happier & joyful 🌷Content inner child 🌷Celebrating me

So here I am now, offering this transformational membership,🦋 embracing the ebb and flow of natures rhythms, on a global stage. 🥰

So it may take time from the seed being sown🌱 to growing strong, supported and becoming blooming. marvellous 🌳 but then it's where I'm growing.

Let's grow together. 🤗

Andi Barker. 8/4/22


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