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Love a light bulb moment

For those of you have had light bulb moments after working in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions will get this.

I have been working on my own stuff as practitioners do, with 2 EFT & Matrix Practitioners in UK.


Over the last few weeks I have covered 2 major issues which were both irritating and frustrating me no end.

I was making excuses for other people instead of facing the reality.

Making excuses why something should happen , even though I could hear my inner voice shouting STOP and NO.


Yesterday it only took one sentence from that person to flick the light switch🤔 the light bulb went on and all of a suddenly I knew what to do. 🦸‍♀️

Today, I have woken up without that burden feeling free of restriction and full of mental clarity with my inner voice cheering 🥳and in relief that I have finally got the message.


It is strange how we sabotage ourselves, we make excuses for others even though we know it's wrong 🥺and basically just stabbing ourselves instead of nurturing ourselves.

I just feel so enlightened, lighter free and can focus my energies into having more fun instead. So excited. 😀


Are you sabotaging yourself too?

Can you imagine life continuing as it is or do you crave that lighter freer feeling that I have 🦋experienced.

EFT can give you more energy, clarity and focus to get out and do things for yourself. ✔

Read more about Emotional Freedom Techniques on the Tools &Techniques tab.


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