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Welcome to
Andi Barker Celebrant & Wellbeing
Isle of Man 

Please tap on the Funeral, Wedding, Wellbeing or Energy Healing Flowers headings below to celebrate you and your life your way 

Sitting on a Bench

Cremation & Burial Services 

End-of-Life Celebrations & Memorials

Scattering of Ashes Ceremonies 

Planning Your Own Wishes 

Occasional Cake Pops

Personalised Wedding Ceremonies inc. 

Vow Renewals & Handfasting

Naming Ceremonies inc. 

Adoption & Family Blessings, Gender Reassignment & Coming of Age 

waterfall in a wooded glen

Natural Health & Wellbeing 
Reiki Energy Boost & Balancing 
Relationship Healing
Grief, Loss & Bereavement Support 
PTSD & Trauma Release  
Colour Healing 

Red Peony from the Energy Healing Flowers collection

Emotional Release with Flower Tapping

Exclusive Tapping Free Healing 

Unique Flower Readings 1:1 & Groups 

Garden Parties & Corporate Events 

Andi Barker wearing a blue and pink jumper

Hello and Welcome to Andi Barker Celebrant  & Wellbeing 

I'm here to help you celebrate the most important milestones in life. Whether it's a special ceremony to mark a birth,  a wedding, or a funeral, I'm here to help you create a meaningful experience.

Using a combination of traditional and modern rituals, I work with you to create a unique and personalised experience that honours your beliefs.

I'm passionate about creating a safe space that allows you to express your emotions and celebrate life's joys and sorrows.  I also provide wellbeing services, such as reiki, emotional freedom techniques, and reconnecting to your inner self through nature-based tools.


I strive to help people find their inner peace and help them lead a life of balance and holistic wellness.

My Mission 

My mission is to guide support and assist you to; 


live your life your way 

release, heal, and transform from struggles   

celebrate the ebb and flow of life


 say hello and bid farewell to family and friends 

relax rest, and restore your energies, naturally.

Decorate leaves


I was guided to use Andi in my healing process and so I booked The Wellbeing Package with her.

After just 3 sessions I feel lighter, more focused, and more in control. I had previously suffered from emotional irregularity and felt angry, however since working with Andi I feel that this is no longer an issue.

It was a pleasure working with Andi and I would highly recommend Andi if you wish to have healing in your life.

RK. Isle of Man  January 2023

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Today is the perfect day to celebrate you

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