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Your Ceremonies

The Isle of Man offers stunning scenery as a backdrop to your ceremony. From the

  • beaches to rustic barn

  •  marquees to the top of the mountain

  •  country gardens to  wooded glens 

  • magical castles, to coastlines 

  • your home to high-end hotels 

You can choose a location that reflects you to celebrate your special day. 

Click on the links below to discover more about how I can craft your unique, personalised and inclusive memorable celebration 

Naming and Adoptions

Wedding Ceremony

Renewal of Vows Ceremony or

Funeral and End-of-life Celebration 

Andi Barker with  a floral crown raising her arms in celebration


Your Wellbeing


I offer a kind, caring, and compassionate approach to assist, guide, and support you to celebrate your life your way.


Remove the self-sabotage barriers that block your joy, so you can 

  • transform your beliefs,

  • boost your self-esteem,

  • speak your truth, and

  • communicate with confidence,


using tried and evidence-proven techniques and nature-inspired tools. Find out more 

Communicate With Confidence 

Stressed  About The Dress

Grief and You


To feel balanced and realign your life, mind body and spirit choose my newly inspired 

Ener-Chi Healing Experience  

Book your Free Discovery Chat with me 

What I Do  

As a deeply compassionate Celebrant and intuitive Natural  Wellbeing Practitioner, I believe in encouraging uniqueness and celebrating all your quirks, characteristics, and authentic true self. 

Remember an original is more valuable than a copy

Whether you are ready to start a transformative journey or you are celebrating your love and loved ones, I'm here for you.


Let's take the first steps together and discover a fresh perspective on celebrating you.

And this is what you say about me

I was guided to use Andi in my healing process so I booked The Wellbeing Package with her.

After just 3 sessions I feel lighter, more focused, and more in control. I had previously suffered from emotional irregularity and felt angry, however since working with Andi I feel that this is no longer an issue.

It was a pleasure working with Andi and I would highly recommend Andi if you wish to have healing in your life.

RK. Isle of Man  January 2023


Today is the perfect day

to celebrate


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