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Feel Pure Divine Love

What is the Soul Star Chakra

Our Soul Star Chakra is the gateway to transcendence of time and space,

It is where the highest and most pure divine love and spiritual energy connects to our physical body and nourishes our Chakras within our body with pure white light.

It is through our Soul Star Chakra that we connect with our Guardian Angels, The Ascended Masters, and other high vibrational energies through meditation, channelling, singing praying and music.

Our Soul Star Chakra is located between 8 and 12 inches above our head and is filled with beautiful white blue green and violet light.

What does the Soul Star do?

The Soul Star chakra is filled with the highest spiritual compassion, divine love and is connected to your past, your spiritual karmic debt and the Akashic records.

By living in harmony and in the present now we can help heal and balance those karmic debt from our past through our Soul Star.

Is it beneficial for me to have a balanced Soul Star Chakra?

Absolutely. When your Soul Star Chakra is balanced your life will flow with ease and you will live in harmony and peace with an increased awareness of the highest Divine energy, consciousness and manifesting a life free of unwanted obstacles and trouble. Material objects will have less attraction and you will need things less.

Your compassion and love for others will increase and be more accepting of situations.

To receive the optimal benefits I would strongly recommend that you ensure your 7 primary chakras are cleansed and balanced regularly to allow your energies to flow and be open to receiving the nourishment of the pure white light and love from the divine.

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Andi Barker

Natural Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

6 February 2023


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