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Chakra Cleanse and Balance For Life

Chakras are our energy centres and I work with the 7 main chakras.

Each one of your chakras spins clockwise or anti-clockwise and can become unbalanced and blocked by negative experiences feelings and thoughts causing your body to be in a state of dis-ease.

Imagine your Lymphatic system which drains your toxins becomes blocked like your house drains, its going to cause a toxic build up, which is not cleared will create all sorts of problems.

If your chakras are too open or are closed it can affect how you deal with the world, how you feel and your general wellbeing.

Using a combination of techniques, I can assist you to achieve a more balanced life physically, emotionally and mentally by cleaning and balancing your chakras.

You may feel lighter and more focused. Have more clarity and more energy too.

Available online from the comfort of your own home


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