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Born in the wrong body

Sam story of being judged posted at Sams suggestion

Sam suggested I posted the following to show others in a similar situation that it is possible to get help.

It is taking a few sessions as we continue to release his fears and transform his beliefs.

His situation makes a well-known soap seem like a fairy-tale.

We have mapped out a plan to address each area of concern, which is reviewed at every step.

He has been verbally and physically bullied and abused, scared to ask for help and not wanting to bother teachers or friends, so he just put up with it

This led to him isolating himself, feeling shame and embarrassment. All because he feels he was born in the wrong body.

He was terrified of accepting his own feelings never mind trying to tell his family whose own beliefs will not accept him for who he is.

Sam has made some tough decisions about his friends and family and is now focusing on being true to himself.

We continue along his path as I guide and support him through his feelings to reach his desired results.

If this resonates with you or you know someone who may benefit from a confidential chat with me please click here to book, with no obligation

love and light

Andi Barker, The Wellbeing Gardener IOM



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