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Big Boys Don't Cry

Guys this one is for you.

It was inspired by a recent male client, for about him later.

Bottling up your feelings, having to man up, and not wanting to show your pain is doing you much more harm than good and can manifest in physical dis-ease such as digestive issues.

It is time to let out those tears.

If you are embarrassed to cry in front of your mates or family, then find someone quiet to sit and process.

But allowing others to see you cry is a sign of strength. It shows you are human and are in touch with your thoughts and feelings.

Hiding them away and bottling them up is a sign of weakness. but maybe that's what you had to do at the time to cope with what was going on.

In fact, it might be a relief to your family and friends to see you cry. They may be worried about you but not knowing how to approach the subject. They might be seeing the physical and mental impact it is having on your health and relationships

Maybe you are now ready to release that pain, to pull out the rose thorns festering within you. It might hurt for a moment but then you can start to heal.

You may still be grieving, because grief does not really go away. We just rebuild our world around it, one day at a time.

About the young man who came to see me. In a nutshell, when his dad passed away 10 years ago, he was in his teens and felt he had to man up, be the man of the house and help his mum take charge of his siblings.

He said he just got on and did what had to be done. He wanted his dad to be proud of him. He never saw his dad cry so he didn't cry either. His dad told told him "big boys don't cry"

Since then he is having trouble forming relationships with friends, and trying to get a girlfriend. And this is what he came to me to work on.

As a result of my supporting him he has realised not grieving for his dad and having to be the man of the house has been blocking him from enjoying life, getting out with his mates, and dating too.

In his words." I have smashed the mountain that was blocking me and I can move on. Why did I not see this mountain before?"

Are you ready to smash the mountain that is blocking you from enjoying your own life?

Let's do this.

A man in a white tee  shirt leaning against a wall his head supported by his arms as he cried
Big Boys Dont Cry

You might just feel stronger, healthier, and more confident

And who knows how it will impact your relationships?

All my work is confidential and you can work with me online from the privacy of your office, home, or workplace wherever you are in the world. Or in person on the Isle of Man.

So come on big boys, what are you waiting for?

Book your free initial online 20-minute chat with me here

With all that new found confidence and strength, just think about where you could be this time next year.

See you soon



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