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10 Essential Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Entourage

4 bridesmaids and a bride stood on a hill with a photographer
Your Entourage can make your day

These 10 essential tips are what you need to consider when picking your perfect Wedding entourage

Your entourage can be made up of anyone of your choice.

Traditionally it includes the mothers of both brides and /or grooms, their siblings, nieces, and nephews and maybe a close friend.

How many you want to include is up to you, and it may take a bit of diplomacy.

Naturally we want to keep everyone happy and managing expectations can be difficult.

However, here are a few tips to bear in mind when choosing each person.

· Do they support and understand your vision?

· What is your relationship like with them and, do they share your passions and values?

· Are they respectful that this is your special day not theirs?

· Ae they physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of carrying out their given duties before and on the day to your satisfaction?

· Are they likely to turn a small issue into a drama and just panic?

· Will they be constructive with their feedback and support in your decision making?

· Will they be calm and methodical in a crisis?

· Do they have good communication skills and confident to act on your behalf, when needed?

· Have they been there for you when your fair-weather friends disappear?

· Look at their quality’s skills and traits. Maybe you want ;

  • a cheerleader to lift you you’re your overwhelmed,

  • a mentor to help you focus, and open your mind to endless possibilities,

  • a communicator to connect with the suppliers,

  • a peacemaker to keep you calm and relaxed, and even

  • a strong-minded challenger to push you out of your comfort zone so you really do shine on your big day.

Now with unconventional and less traditional ceremonies, some brides and grooms are choosing friends over family as they may be closer to them and are their ‘chosen family’.

Whoever you choose I guess there will be some disappointments from sisters, cousins, nieces, and close friends who have been overlooked.

It is advisable to speak to each of these people to explain your reasons. I’m speaking from experience of being overlooked several times and not knowing why, being ghosted when asked or lied to beforehand (which hurt the most), about them not having any bridesmaids, and then there they were on the day.

Bride having her hair adjusted by bridesmaid
Keeping it simple

There is so much to consider, and I know a bride who chose a maid of honour who was her older sister who was married a couple of years earlier and knew what was involved and between them the groom and best man the whole ceremony was organised and flowed perfectly.

So, whatever you decide, who you choose and what you do, I wish you the happiest of days and years to come.

If the thought of all this is simply overwhelming and you need some support and guidance in dealing with your anxieties around arrangements or you or stressed about the dress, come, and have a chat, and discover how I can support you in confidence.

Love and light

Andi Barker

Quirky Vibrant and Unique Celebrant & Natural Wellbeing Practitioner

Empowering you to celebrate your life your way.


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