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 Your Self-Relationship Wellbeing Packages  

Do you feel stuck in your relationship with yourself?

I offer a variety of services that can help you identify and address the root of your issues, so you can transform your relationship with yourself and unlock your true potential.

Take the first step towards holistic wellbeing by exploring my services and book your Discovery chat with me today. 

Communicate with Confidence 

How often do you stop yourself from taking on a role because of your nerves and lack of confidence 

  • Fears of being laughed at if you make a mistake 

  • Feeling embarrassed at forgetting your own words

  • Anxious if the mic stops working 

  • What if they don't like what I say, What if, what if.... what if.... 

Well now you can let go of those anxieties and fears 

Together we will identify the deep-rooted beliefs that are underlying your lack of confidence and transform them in a gentle powerful way.

Leaving you feeling more confident calm and in control of your audience, be it asking someone on a date to a conference of 1000's. 

Your future life is out there waiting for you,  so stop waiting and do something about it


Let us start with 3 x 60-minute sessions for £222.

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Grief & You

Grief and loss support tailored to your needs 

Grief and loss, no matter how expected can still come as a shock and will have an impact on you in the short and long term.


​It's ok for you to just want to curl up and hide away, just as much as it is ok for you to move into organiser mode and plan the ceremony, the celebration, and the rest of your life.


You are as unique as your fingerprint, and how you grieve your loss, and process is your way of coming to terms with your loss.


​Finding someone whom you can confide in, someone you can trust, someone who is not going to judge you, someone to just walk beside you, to listen, and to be there can be the turning point for you to find your new direction in life.


​Let that someone be me.  I will sit with you for just an hour at a time on 6 different days so you can process each step of the way for just £399.

Click on the button below to select the first date and time to suit you and then we will then arrange the next date when you feel ready.  

Stressed about the Dress? 

Buying your Wedding Dress should be an enjoyable experience that you have dreamt about since you were a little girl, but sadly, this is rarely how it pans out. 


You have tried on many dresses but you struggle to find the one to say YES to. 

Your mum has dreams of you as a princess, but you want to be a mermaid, and the rest of your entourage disagrees. Not to mention, you want to make your partner cry.

Or maybe, you don’t want to be the centre of attention, with everyone looking at you because of your shape and size. You avoid looking in the mirror, so you don't see what you really look like..  

Maybe, your budget is limited, but, you want everything perfect and make it a memorable day. 

It is so overwhelming with so many choices and decisions to make 


Let me support you in preparing for the successful outcome you deserve with 3 x 60-minute sessions using my basket of evidence-based techniques and nature-inspired tools for only £222.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Your investment in your future health and wellbeing is just

£222 for 3 x 60 minutes or £399 for 6 x 60 minute

for all packages on this page 

 Book your first session here and I will contact you to

book the remaining sessions. 

And, we can dig deep into your roots with these areas too 

Self-Critic to Self Love 

Admit it, you are your own worse critic.

  • The wrinkles, the grey hairs and the lumps and bumps 

  • Feelings of not being good enough to do it.

  • Feeling inferior to your friends 

  • Comparing your capabilities with your colleagues & team 

It is human to judge others and ourselves even though we don't like it, we do it anyway. We can't help it. And we don't like it when others judge us, do we?

But how does it make you feel when you realise you are doing it to yourself too? Angry, frustrated despondent?

Let me assist you in stopping this vicious circle, to find the beliefs that are triggered at each judgment and transform them, giving you the power to accept all your flaws, thoughts, and feelings with compassion, truth, and joy. 

Let us start with 3 x 60-minute sessions for £222.

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Discovering Your Past Life & Reimprinting It  

All our past life experiences are stored in our souls and can contribute to the decisions we make today, both good and bad. 

For example. A traumatic event such as a battle may lead you to suffer with pain now, in an area you may have been shot in.

With Matrix Past Life Reimprinting, you may discover who or what you were, and release any pain. and transform memories stuck in your Matrix Body field 


I have facilitated many healings and find it fascinating what appears. All this work has transformed my beliefs and perspectives.I have been blown away by how my life has changed for the better.


It is so simple, however, there are no guarantees I can take you to a past life. We must work with what our subconscious brings to the fore, whatever that may be.

Let us start with 3 x 60-minute sessions for £222.

Releasing Your Ancestral Wounds To Transform Your Life

You, me and everyone on the planet is the result of up to 4000 people. 

 Our ancestors have lived through wars, famine, trauma, and poverty and will have beliefs and behaviours about their life at that time, that they have passed down through the generations. 

Just imagine if what you do and think now is part of their legacy to you, and is not really yours.

But, you are allowing it to control your life. 

What if you could let it go and give it back?

What if you could be free to make up your own mind?

What if you could create your own beliefs which are true to you? 

Let us start with 3 x 60-minute sessions for £222.

Dandelion Leaves

So Are You Ready To Get To The Roots?

Whatever you are dealing with it may be the result of a thought which was the result of an emotion felt during an experience, trauma, or event in your earlier years, your childhood, the womb, or a past life. 


Relationship Wellbeing Sessions


Brings together the best of my experiences, how I dealt with them, and what  used to get me through my storms and is aimed at people like you, and is comprised of

3 x 60-minute private and confidential sessions with Andi Barker, an experienced and qualified Accredited Certified Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. You will feel safe to speak freely in confidence, without judgment or fear 


Each session will be via Zoom online, from the comfort of your own home, or in person in a safe, private relaxing clinic space


You are unique, and together we can create a plan to suit your needs and lifestyle, which we will review each step of the way.


Supporting exercises based on your program between each session with gentle tapping techniques you can take away and use as and when you need them 


Access to The Relationship Hub, a private FB group


The Benefits for You 

You will be listened to without judgment and heard 

We will go at a pace to suit you, to allow your energies to process the changes  So you will benefit long-term or even forever from the transformations. 

Using evidence-based techniques and tools, I will guide you to

  • get to the root of why you are like this

  • identify what needs to be released and let it go

  • transform your old beliefs to align with your truth

  • and support you as you grow stronger and more confident,

  • in a gentle, compassionate, and nurturing way

What My Clients Say ​

CE, Douglas, Isle of Man

I had a wonderful healing treatment of chakra balancing which left me feeling calm, peaceful, and ‘pulled together’.


Also, some Reiki on my knees reduced the pain a lot.

SS, London, UK

Andi is straightforward and honest, as well being highly intuitive and compassionate. and she recently helped me through a period of illness, for which I am very grateful. 

I would recommend Andi to all, for she is a wonderful, warm and gifted human being. 

Your investment in your future health and wellbeing is just

£222 for 3 x 60 minutes or £399 for 6 x 60 minute

 Book your first session here and I will contact you to

book the remaining sessions. 

Are You Ready To 

Feel connected with your future self

Have clarity, focus, and control.

Have more energy and feel lighter and unravel yourself 

Love and accept you for who you are

Move forward with a project with ease

Be free to choose your destiny

Connect to nature and embrace the natural energies. 

Be free to be you all the time 

The start of your new future is just one click away.


Couple in Nature
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