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Your Subconscious Knows The Answer

How about getting together online with your friends and family and have some fun to with your own private Unique colourful and bespoke reading party.

Or treating a friend to a private reading from only £15 for a mini reading.

Come and have some insight and fun here to book or if you are 2 or more hours outside GMT, please get in touch to arrange your readings.

Many people have experienced tarot and angel card readings for entertainment, and some may use them for guidance and comfort too.

Using the Energy Healing Flowers, I offer reading by asking specific questions from which you select flowers. Your subconscious knows the answer and will guide to pick a flower to reflect your answer.

This may not be your favourite flower and it is important to go with the one you are drawn to. Otherwise, my reading will be based on the wrong flower for you to get the answer you need.

I then read the flowers by tuning into your energies and using intuition and spiritual guidance.

Alternatively I can just tune into you and give a reading for fun.

So crack open your favourite drink and join with your friends or family for a couple of hours of fun and insight. You just never know what might come out!

This is what one client said

A Unique healing modality. I don’t think anyone else offers. Amazing and gentle insight into a question or situation you would like a little help with. Andi is a wonderful intuitive healer that we are lucky to have on the IOM KT , Isle of Man

Find out more at

Please note Andi Barker is not responsible for any actions you may take as a result of the readings


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