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Embracing Individuality: Ways to Celebrate Your Unique Identity

Absolutely, embracing and celebrating your authentic self is a fundamental aspect of personal happiness and fulfilment.

A man throwing confetti n in the air celebrating his identity

I believe it’s important for you to feel free to celebrate your identity and to be accepted and supported in doing so.

Way back in my college days, I had friends who are part of the LGBT community as it was called then and supported them through the roller coaster of emotions as they came out to their family.

I remember in 1990, one friend tried plying me with drinks before telling me he was gay and expecting me to walk away from our friendship. It brought us closer, and I was his wing woman, as he explored the nightlife of Blackpool and Manchester. I learnt so much about their community in those years and the difficulties they faced from society back then.

This has given me so much empathy and understanding to support people who are unconventional to societal expectations and live life the way they choose.

Each of us are unique, however many struggle to do what they can to fit into that square hole, and that is ok for them.

Then, there are those of us who are more comfortable being the round pegs, that may be classed as odd, different, unconventional and quirky, and we are happy to stand up and be counted, to live our authentic life as we please.  

As we know celebrating diversity and individuality contributes to a vibrant and inclusive society which makes life more colourful interesting and memorable.

When you are ready to celebrate your love for each other with

·        a fabulous & spectacular wedding or

·        a heartfelt renewal of your own personal vows or

·        an intimate commitment ceremony

·        naming ceremony for a new arrival into your family.

A Jack Russell dog wearing a ride collar and scarf
Pride Dog

get in touch and we can arrange to meet for drinks, and you can share your vision and thoughts with me, and I will support you in creating the unique and memorable celebration of your dreams.

As a certified modern celebrant, I will craft a personalised ceremony for you, in any location of your choice and on any day of your choice (subject to prior bookings).

Andi Barker Celebrant

AMC Certified Wedding and Naming Celebrant


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