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Celebrant Services

Hi I am Andi Barker, an Independent Celebrant that understands the importance of your special moment. I offfer a free consultation to discuss your needs and desires, and will work with you to create a meaningful and unique ceremony for your momentous occasion.

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Why Work with Me

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

What is A Celebrant? 

A Celebrant officiates at a ceremony such as at a Wedding or Funeral which may include religious, secular, and humanist elements.


Each Celebrant is different and some may choose to limit what they will include in your ceremony, therefore it is a good idea to find the Celebrant you resonate with and who will reflect your own personal needs. After all, this is something, people will remember so you want to get it right.

As an Independent Celebrant, I am happy for you to include prayers and blessings reflective of your beliefs, however as I am not ordained, I may be restricted from some religious wording.  We can discuss this in our meeting.   

Who Can Use A Celebrant?

Anyone can employ the services of a Celebrant, from assistance with writing vows, planning your own funeral, or the full package.

Many multi-cultural families, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and spiritual people are opting for a more relaxed less formal yet dignified way to welcome new life, celebrate a union, and bid farewell to their loved ones. If you are curious, get in touch, and let's discuss your wishes.

Many Funeral Directors will have a list of Celebrants they work with and may recommend one suited to your needs.


Alternatively, you may book your Celebrant directly if they offer that service. I am working with a number of Funeral Directors on the Isle of Man, and I am happy for you to contact me directly too.

Where Can A Celebrant Officiate 

From a beach to a hilltop, a glen to your own garden your can hold your ceremony outside, subject to the owner’s permission.  For an Indoor ceremony, you may choose a home, a village hall, a crematorium chapel, or a hotel.  Or maybe a mix of both?

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How Do I Work and Charge 

This very much depends on you and your requirements and the type of ceremony you are planning.


For example, you may choose a quiet private family cremation followed by an End of Life Celebration a few weeks later when you have had time to think and plan a ceremony that is truly personal to your loved one. Whatever it is, I can guide you through and assist you to curate that special memorable day


Your fees will include.

  • time allowed for meeting you in person or online to gather information.

  • Writing of the script, vows / eulogy

  • Researching information requested by you.

  • Meeting with you to review the wording and the order of proceedings.

  • Sourcing and purchasing any materials you may want to include. (Additional costs may be incurred and agreed)

  • Contacting other suppliers such as the Funeral Director, or your photographer

  • Telephone/ online support prior to the day

  • Preparation and Delivery of the Ceremony


Destination ceremonies (off Island) and public holidays/ bank holidays will include additional charges.

Further details can be found on the specific Celebrant Service pages.

What Do I Do Next?

Friends in Nature

Sit down with your loved ones and discuss your needs and ideas and then get in touch with me for an initial consultation

When you decide to book me, I will require a booking fee to secure your preferred date for you.  I will only take more than one booking per day to allow me to give you 100% on the day.

Full payment will be required before the day of your ceremony which I will outline for you in the initial consultation.

People Will Forget what you have said

People will forget what you did

But they will never forget,

how you made them feel


Maya Angelou

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