The Wellbeing Package

The ideal tool to get to the root of your issue and transform your life 

You are fed up of Struggling To Succeed?

  • You are struggling to cope with the changes and scared of the future

  • You are burying yourself in your work to hide from your own reality

  • Your head is on full spin with mindless chatter, overwhelmed with what is happening 

  • You feel guilty if you are not busy helping other people, instead of making time for you

  • You prefer to leave tasks until the last minute, putting you under more pressure.

  • You lack confidence, are frightened to stand up for yourself in case you are judged (by you)

  • You work hard but never have any money, leaving you despondent and exhausted 


And that’s ok because that’s a result of who you were.  

You are not alone 

I Hear You


I have been there and suffered struggled and staggered through all the above.

Enough is enough, right?

Now its time for you to get out of this endless cycle, nip it in the bud and get to the root of why you are allowing yourself to go through it all.

Then we can cut away all the deadwood and make space for you to nurture who you really are, support your own true beliefs and grow into the person you deserve to be

Allowing time for rest relaxation and celebration too.

Allow me to guide you through how to tend the garden of your mind naturally with any combination of my tools and scientifically proven techniques

Dandelion Leaves

Are You Ready To Get To The Roots?

Whatever you are dealing with be it may be the result of an thought  which was the result of an emotion felt during an experience, trauma or event in your earlier years, your childhood, the womb or a past life. 


The Wellbeing Package

Brings together the best of my experiences, how I dealt with them and what  used to get me through my storms and is aimed at people like you and comprises of

  • 3 x 75-minute private and confidential sessions with Andi Barker, an experienced and qualified practitioner. Or to go deeper & shift your blocks, book 6 x 60 minutes 

  • You will feel safe to speak freely in confidence, without judgement or fear 

  • Each session will be via Zoom online, from the comfort of your own home, or in person in a safe, private relaxing clinic space

  • You are unique, and together we can create a plan to suit your needs and lifestyle, which we will review each step of the way.

  • Supporting exercises based on your program between each session

  • Gentle tapping techniques you can take away and use as and when you need them 

  • Access to The Wellbeing Garden Bench private FB group


The Benefits for You 

You will be listened to and heard 

We will go at a pace to suit you


To allow your energies to process the changes 


So you will benefit long term or even forever from the transformations. 

Using evidence-based techniques and tools, I will guide you to

  • get to the root of why you are like this

  • identify what needs to be released and let it go

  • transform your old beliefs to align with your truth

  • and support you as you grow stronger and more confident,

  • in a gentle, compassionate, and nurturing way

What I Use 

To assist you with your Wellbeing, I have many tools to hand including 

Matrix Reimprinting with Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Usui & Kundalini Reiki 

Energy Healing Fllowers 


Your investment in your future health and wellbeing is just

£249 for 3 x 75 minutes 

£399 for 6 x 60 minutes 

 Book your first session here and I will contact you to

book the remaining sessions. 

What my clients say 

CE, Douglas, Isle of Man

I had a wonderful healing treatment of chakra balancing which left me feeling calm, peaceful and ‘pulled together’.


Also some Reiki on my knees reduced the pain a lot.

SS, London, UK

Andi is straightforward and honest, as well being highly intuitive and compassionate. and she recently helped me through a period of illness, for which I am very grateful. 

I would recommend Andi to all, for she is a wonderful, warm and gifted human being. 

Are You Ready To 

Allow money to flow through you Feel connected with your future self

Have clarity, focus and control.

Have more energy and feel lighter and unravel yourself 

Love and accept you for who you are

Move forward with a project with ease

Stop allowing the menopause to affect your life, 

Be free to choose your destiny

Connect to nature and embrace the natural energies. 

Be free to be you all the time 

The start of your new future is just one click away.

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