Chakra & Reiki Package 

Boost your energy and vitality with  indulgent powerful healing 

Special Summer offer 6 x 60 minutes sessions £360
to be taken by 30 9/22
Normal Price £375

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Summer Sparkle & Shine Special Offer 

Bring the Sunshine back into your life with this sizzling summer special offer 

  • Boost your Confidence and feel lighter 

  • Relax and Rebalance with Reiki Healing 

  • Shake Up Your Chakras and Shift Blocked Energy 

  • Release the Relentless pressures and stresses of life 

  • Find your Freedom from Restricting Relationships 

  • Trasnsform your Behaviours and Beliefs 

Normal price of The Wellbeing Boost 60 mins  £77 ,


Summer Sparkle & Shine Offer only £66 to be taken by 30/9/22