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  • Are you ready to reboot your life, but don’t know where to start?

  • Do you run round after everyone else, always putting them first?

  • Are you struggling to move forward, to grow and develop, and feel stuck?

  • Are you lacking in confidence, self esteem and unable to value who you are?

  • Do you work all hours, which then impacts your home and family life?

  • Do you sometimes feel disconnected from life?

As in nature, we will follow the seasons starting with Spring.

SOC Spring Wreath

New Beginnings
When you want to start a new project, new job,
new home or new relationship

  • Do you have a brilliant idea, a dream or ready to change your life for the better 

  • Are you the master of procrastination, finding any excuse to not get it done.

  • Or you feel you are not good enough, have little confidence and scared of taking the next step

  • What if you knew where to start, where to find resources and support to get you there?

  • Would you like to sow the seeds and nurture your dreams and start living your best life ever?

 I can assist you to identify and release the blockages, boost your confidence and start anew

SOC Summer Wreath

Personal Growth & Development 

When you want to improve your life and live the life you desire then start with you. 

Green arrow shaped bush

Once you have sown the seeds of your dreams I will suppport you to nurture each step, embrace your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses

By taking time to stop, review, plan, adjust and celebrate you can grow in confidence, build your resilience and  feel motivated to keep taking steps towards the life you desire .

I can assist you to release any doubts, fears what ifs, and yeah buts clearing your path to success and bring sunshine back into your life. 

You can let go of feeling guilty by not  pleasing others first and the financial control that they may have over you. 

SOC Autumn wreath

Letting Go 

It can be the hardest time of our lives when we have to
let something or someone go. 

But just like the trees know it is safe to release the leaves when they have done all they can, you too can let go.

The trees now have space to rest and recharge ready for new buds and leaves next year. 

  • you need to reset your boundaries or 

  • your home suddenly feels empty, or, 

  • your mistakes need mending or

  • you are scared of letting go of your youth as the menopause affects your mind and body 

  • you need to prune some deadwood from your relationships  

I can guide and support you through your storms 

lady letting go of leaves
SOC Winter wreath

Hibernate Self-care and Celebration 


There comes a time when we need to stop the world and get off.

To reflect, rest & relax. To connect with our loved ones and celebrate life

robin reflected in water

I am here to support you through it all

  • Giving yourself permission to really stop, and stick to your boundaries

  • To take time to reflect where you are, and where you want to go

  • To be able to speak your truth with friends and family

  • To manifest abundance and start to plan the future

  • To cleanse and balance your energies


​I can guide you to let go of:   

  • The dark negative heavy feelings

  • Imbalanced energy, exhaustion and fatigue

  • Fear of the unknown, overwhelm and brain fog

I'm here for you

Using evidence based Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meditation, my unique Energy Healing Flowers, and my other tools and techniques, I will endeavour to;

  • Support and nurture you through each season, from sowing the seeds of your ideas through to fruition and celebrating you.

  • Assist you to identify and transform beliefs which are limiting your joy and freedom and stealing your confidence

  • Guide you towards your desired transformation in a gentle powerful natural way leaving you feeling focused, lighter valued and energised.

butterfly in hand
Dicentra flowers

Are you ready?

These 4 seasonal programs which I have created are a result of how my life has changed for the better.

I am so passionate about them, that I want to share with you,how you can transform your life too. 

  As this is the first year, I am offering you a special price of 

Annual membership for only £444

valid for12 months from the day you sign up.

or you can choose 

Seasonal  membership  £132 per season

valid for 90 days from the day you sign up 


Monthly membership £49 per month

valid for 30 days from the day you sign up.

As we are working with 4 structured seasonal programs, you would benefit most by attending each full season to complete the year.

What you will receive 

  • Membership to Season of Change Membership Private Group

  • At least 2 x 60 minute informative and thought provoking online group calls via zoom, recorded for the times you miss, available for a limited time.  

  • Additional Information, recordings, guides, tips, videos lives and maybe a chat too

  • We will connect with nature and discover how embracing the elements of colours, numerology, moon phases and more can improve our health and wellbeing each day.

  • Guidance and support as we focus on

  • ​how colour has a major role to play in our sub-conscious decisions

  • why numbers affect our lives and  how they can guide us 

  • the phases of the moon and how to embrace her energies

  • the flower/s of the season which resonates with you

  • using natural tools and techniques, including EFT and Reiki to release the old and embrace the new

  • Access to weekly online support from me within the private group.

  • The opportunity to book, private1to1 sessions with me online, at a special rate.

  • Opportunities to connect and share with other members in our community

  • You will be asked to respect each other’s thoughts, feelings, and privacy

Hi I am Andi Barker 
Natural Health & Wellbeing Practitioner and Horticulturalist

From a very early age, I turned to nature for comfort and support and in the later years I have discovered and trained in natural health and wellbeing modalities which I have now blended with the elements of nature to bring you this unique membership.

Andi Barker in garden


I recently attended a 12 week course focusing on various issues using a full range of techniques 

I can definitely say, it has made a difference in my life.


Andi brings such a calm, relaxing and fun energy to her sessions. I always felt at ease and for the first time willing to open up and be vulnerable.

KT, Isle of Man 

Andi is very knowledgable in various aspects of health and well-being and lovely to talk to, really professional and puts you at ease, I now am going to try monthly sessions, would definitely recommend her to anyone."

PW, Isle of Man

Autumn Fun

Benefits to You

Taking time out for you will become a natural part of your daily routine.


You will feel more connected with who you really are and accept all of you

You will have a deeper understanding of how natures' ebbs and flows affect and support you.

You will identify release and transform inherited and learnt beliefs which are blocking you from moving forward.


Your mental physical and emotional health and wellbeing will improve. 

You will create boundaries, and put you first more often to enable you to achieve. 

Celebrating you will become easier as you let go of your inner critic and welcome your inner cheerleader  

You may have more clarity, focus and confidence to create, nurture, grow and flourish


You will be part of a supportive community of women similar to you. 

However, you will be leaving behind the person you were and any pain that you release as you welcome the new beautiful you. 

Sign Up today 


Your Future Self might just thank you for it 

Annual Membership £444 
(equal to 3 months free)


Seasonal (90 days) Membership

Monthly Membership
(calendar month)
£49 pm

cherry blossom

The actual value of this annual membership is over £4000, and will include:

  • a structured themed program

  • 2 x 90-minute thought provoking and fun sessions each week worth £3200

  • Workbooks, information and tips worth £600

  • Videos, lives and nature connection exercises and guidance worth £500

  • Free access to all Masterclasses held within your subscription period

  • Ongoing support  within the private group, priceless!

  • Each session will be recorded for your convenience.

Let’s grow together, free our minds, nurture our bodies, & nourish our souls. 


Are you with me?


Yes, you can leave it until next year if you are happy to be stuck in that rut for another whole year.

Or you can join me now in this exciting new adventure and be one of the first to experience this blooming marvellous nature-based transformation.

Just imagine where you could be this time next year.

Feel like You Again

letting go in field
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