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Release Relax & Rebalance

Release Relax & Rebalance


You can choose from a Reiki Healing or Chakra Cleanse and Balance in a 60-minute session x 6 sessions


Or you can indulge in a full deeply relaxing Chakra Cleanse and Balance followed by a Reiki Energy boost x 4 sessions


Book your initial 60-minute session and I will be in touch to arrange the balance of your package.For new clients, please allow an additional 30 minutes for your first session for your initial consultation


Full details about each of these modalities can be found at Release Relax & Rebalance | Andi Barker. look forward to supporting you



  • Service Info

    Reiki is a safe method of channelling universal energy and it is suitable for everyone of all ages.

    When your body is out of balance and in a state of dis-ease, you feel out of sorts emotionally, physically or mentally and Reiki can help bring you back into balance.

    ​During a treatment you may feel some warmth or tingling as the Universal Life force energy flows through your body bringing about deep relaxation, clarity and focus.

    ​As the Reiki flows through your body it: -

    • goes to where it is needed to balance your energies

    • assists in the release of energy blockages, which could be the result of accident or injury

    • increases the vibrational frequency of your body to provide new vitality

    • speed recovery after surgery or illness to help heal and bring a feeling of wellbeing.

    ​You remain fully dressed during the treatment while I lay my hands just above your body and you relax in a calm, safe environment.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Full payment must be made at the time of booking. 

    Cancellations with 72 hours of your appointment may incur a penalty of the full amount in accordance with our terms and conditions

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