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Spring Equinox

Sunday March 20th marks the Vernal or Spring Equinox

It is when day and night are equal – the moment in time when the sun stands directly above the equator, and officially marks Winter’s end and the beginning of Spring.

Pagans call this Ostara, or Eostre. t is when we feel the Earth pause, day and night are of equal length and in perfect balance, and we can feel it in the balamce of light and dark, masculine and feminine energies, and Yin & Yang.

We have all heard the phrase, Spring clean. This can refer to opening the doors and windows of your home to allow the fresh air to blow through, clearing out cupboards and giving our homes a good bottoming as my gran used to call it.

It is also a time to

  • cleanse you physically with cleansing teas, adjusting your nutriion and boosting yourself with nourishment.

  • cleanse your mind of old habits, behaviours, and clutter that is stopping you seeing clearly

  • cleasnse your soul of ancestral and inheritied beliefs that are triggering you to not act as your true authentic beautiful soul you are.

Take some time today to pause in nature, not to do anything but sit and listen. Not to your device but listen to your heart, your soul and natures orchestra. Repeat as often as you can and you will feel different. It is free, natural and part of who you and I are.

Love and blessings

Andi Barker



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