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Free Your Wild Child

Just imagine releasing that inner wild child you are suppressing

Letting go of restrictions, conventions, and expectations

Be free to be you and let go of what or who is holding you back.

Life is too short to be stuck in the wrong mould or pigeonhole

I was held back from early childhood by being told what I will be doing when I leave school,

Don't get me wrong I did love where I was and what I did but it was not right for me at that time and it took a lot of bumps in the road, heartache anger, and resentment before this little timid shy girl could feel brave enough to stand up and say no to what was expected.

Break out, be free of that mould, and be you.

Discover how I overcame the fear of rejection and bullying to achieve my dreams.

Now, I do what I want to do, and I love every day of it


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