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Can I return it, please ?

If only we could return it!

The menopause is a gift we are blessed with that we cannot return.

We can however, choose to deal with it the best way we can whilst we experience it.

We can look at our nutrition, our exercise routines and our self care regimes on a daily basis.

We can also look at our thought processes our beliefs and how we actually perceive, feel and understand what is happening to us.

Check out my tapping video I recorded yesterday to assist you with the anxieties you may be feeling.

Get out in the sunshine today and everyday and connect with nature.

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients to assist us with reducing the impact of the menopause.

For further assistance you may wish to look at Embrace The Menopause Package, to discover how you can let go of your anxiety, brain fog and much more

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