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Bound by the Trauma of a Toxic Relationship

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Break the Chain

Learn how to break the emotional chains of a toxic relationship and thrive, not just survive

This 6 step program is for men and women trapped by the emotional chains of an emotionally abusive toxic relationship. Is this you?

  • You are exhausted from the relentless mental Olympics not knowing what will happen next and when.

  • The constant gaslighting, tricks and devious behaviours that make you feel like you are losing your mind

  • They crush any dreams and desires you had and sabotaging any hope of them becoming a reality.

  • They tell false stories about you, inventing excuses for you and turning everyone against you, leaving you feeling abandoned and rejected

  • You are trapped in a trauma bond and feel bound to your abuser with feelings of compassion, guilt and love.

What I can do for you

Only in the last few years have I realised how many times I have been in work/personal/ friend relationships which were toxic. In my naivety, I thought it just happened to other people.

In this my 6-step program, Break the Chain, we will focus on you, and your story.

I will give you the tools and techniques, I used, to enable you to create the change and life the life you deserve. I just wish I had done it sooner. My aim is to:

  • Support you, to realise, and value your self-worth, you deserve better, don’t you?

  • ·Assist you grow your self-esteem and to love YOU for the unique beautiful soul YOU really are.

  • Empower you to create your own personal boundaries and to say “NO” when you choose.

  • ·Build your confidence so you feel stronger and open to reach out to a supportive community and friends

  • Guide you to find your identity and transform any beliefs that have been entangled with toxicity.

  • Find clarity and focus to see the situation more clearly, and to trust yourself to make the right decision for you. Once you believe in you, your decisions can be easier to make

  • Strengthen your resilience so you can detach from the chains, rise above, and observe the madness. You can then start to grow and expand in your consciousness.

To imagine a future where all this is possible may seem a long way off. But until you take that first step, nothing will change.

What you will get

When you take that first step and sign up to Break The Chain Program you will receive

· A Welcome Pack

· 6 x 1 hr private 1:1 online calls

· Downloadable information

· Ongoing Support for the duration of the program.

The first 10 people to sign up with the full payment option will also receive a

Bonus Introductory Offer of an additional 30-minute session of your choice.

Meet Andi

Hi, I am Andi Barker, a Natural Health & Wellbeing Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting and Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, born nature lover and earth angel living my best life on the beautiful Isle of Man

My passion is to see the transformations in people life’s, when they learn to love and accept who they are, believe in their worth and life the live they deserve.

​Each of the tools and techniques I offer, are what I have used, and still use, to transform my beliefs, align with my soul purpose, and live life to the full.

This is what a couple of my clients have to say

· I had no idea I was holding so much inside, emotional tension that had been with me for a long time was released in just one session. Definitely a positive experience I would recommend anyone to see Andi She is so friendly and makes you feel so relaxed.

NH Isle of Man

· A fantastic session, I left feeling a lot lighter. Thank you so much Andi! xx

KR New Zealand

Is this program for you?

  • Have you had enough of being stuck and trapped in a toxic relationship and,

  • Are ready to make a change to your life for the better,

  • And are you committed to focusing on you, and your emotions thoughts and feelings?


If this is not you, choose the Wellbeing Package or another of my services here


What will I need to attend?

Each session will be held online via a Zoom link I will send you in your Welcome Pack.

I recommend you bring pen and paper to make any notes and tissues too.

Is it confidential?

All appointments are held in the strictest confidence

What are the payment options?

You can choose to pay in full or Pay As You Go.

To ensure you receive the optimum benefit I recommend both options are completed within 6 months of the initial start date

Break The Chain 6 step program -Full Payment £444

Break The Chain 6 Step Program Pay as you go £80 per step

Lets do this

Are you ready to top struggling through the mental and emotional torture day in day out?

If so, it is time to take the first steps to a better life, why wait?

Only you can make the change so book today and remember the first 10 to sign up with the full payment option will receive a

BONUS 30 minute session absolutely FREE.

More information about me and what I offer can be found on my website

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