Menopause Wellness 

You no longer need to struggle silently battling the changes in your body and mind. 


I am here to support you to release and transform the underlying beliefs which are leading to your thoughts and feelings from Peri to Post Menopause and beyond. 

There are days when you;

  • Cannot think straight 

  • Are overfaced with work

  • Are exhausted from lack of sleep

  • Are scared of the changes  to your body 

  • Think you are going mad 

  • Feel out of control 

  • Your anxiety goes through the roof

Sad Portrait

 In Life You,

  • Are eager to help others 

  • Want to fit in 

  • Feel stuck lost and alone 

  • Were bullied as a child 

  • Are your biggest critic  

  • Just want to be loved 

  • Feel trapped in a long term relationship

  • Do not value your worth 

  • Scared of letting go 

This, Is For You

5 x 1 hr sessions online