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Energy Healing Flowers
How I use my unique and bespoke modality
to support you, naturally  

Flower Readings 1 to1

Many people have experienced tarot and angel card readings for entertainment, and some may use them for guidance and comfort too.


Using the Energy Healing Flowers, I offer private one to one reading by asking specific questions from which you select flowers.

I then read the flowers by tuning into your energies and using intuition and spiritual guidance.

Alternatively I can just tune into you and give a reading for fun. 

Flower Tapping 

This method can be used for clients who are not ready to revisit the trauma. It can assist in reducing the intensity of the overall situation. 

I guide you through the tapping whilst focusing on the flower rather their issue.


This is then reviewed, and a new flower may be selected, and the process is repeated.

Flowers with EFT/ Matrix 

There are many different reasons why some clients are unable to tune into the feelings in their body.

So, they are asked carefully selected questions about their situation or issue and they respond by choosing the flowers they are drawn to.

Using the flowers assists the practitioner to identify the clients emotions and feelings to guide them through the EFT tapping process

Flower Reading Parties 

Gather with you friends and family ronline for a fun filled reading party.

An ideal way to celebrate birthdays and special occasions 

You will each have your own reading and you may even be able to take something from your friends reading too.

Also Home and Garden parties using your own garden flowers or with my collections, are available on request. Something a bit different to entertain your guests at the next barbeque.

Contact me to arrange 


Tapping Free Reading 

Once the client tunes into their emotions and feelings which they wish to focus on, the client selects flower in response to questions I ask. 

I then give an in-depth flower reading after which the client tunes into see how they feel.


We can then use EFT if needed, in the usual way.

Flowers with Reiki 

Reiki energy is channelled into the body by a Reii Master attuned to the Universal Energies and Earth Energies.


The vibrational qualities of fresh flowers and plants can enhance energy flow during Reiki treatment very much like crystals.

Care must be used with some flowers and plants and some health issues

To discover more about how I can support you with your health and wellbeing using the Energy Healing Flowers or any of my services, book your Free Discovery Call here 

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